100mg HHC Gummies - Mixed Fruit

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100mg HHC Gummies | 10pc & 20pc Bags | DXHALE

WARNING: These are extremely potent, powerful gummies -- almost 4 times stronger than our typical 25mg gummy. Expect very euphoric effects. Only purchase if you are a very experienced HHC user. 

100mg HHC Gummies by DXHALE, probably the most powerful HHC gummy options on the market, are now available online right on our website. Yes, there is 100mgs of HHC in each gummy -- so expect a wild, potent ride that will surely bring you joy. This, combined with the delicous flavor variety that we have to offer, makes the gummy option a no-brainer for experienced HHC users who love the full experience of this amazing cannabinoid.

HHC Gummy & Packaging 

Our team of product developers spent months of time perfect our delectable, chewy, flavorful, & potent gummy. Each gummy comes in a perfect cube and is lightly sugared for a firm texture & maximum taste!

It's tough to hide 100mgs of distillate in a gummy! However, we work hard to hide it with u\our over 20 flavors that might be included in our bags! These flavors include (but are not limited to): Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon Cherry Limeade, Green Apple, Peach, & more! These are all made in-house at our facility in Tampa, FL -- so you're getting your gummies directly from the source.

When shopping DXHALE 100mg HHC gummies, you have two options to choose from: 10 pack bags and 20 pack bags! The 10-pack is smaller and perfect for those looking to just dabble with the 100 milligram gummies. The 20-pack, which is the most cost effective option, is perfect for people who have decided they love this product.

Pro Tip: It's only a few dollars more for the larger bag -- so we recommend it if you are looking for the best $/mg option on our entire website!


Always Lab Tested HHC:

We ensure that all of our products are always tested by a 3rd party. We do this to make sure that we are offering our customers the absolute safest products available. Transparency is our number one concern. In addition, we always provide you with a Certificate of Analysis. That way, you can be sure of the safety for yourself.

HHC Gummies Legality:

All of our products are federally legal in the United States thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Since our HHC gummies contain less than .3% Delta-9 THC, they fall under the Farm Bill as well. Since HHC is hydrogenated, it's actually legal in a lot of states that do not allow the purchase of D8 & other THCs. It is key that you do your own research on local laws before you buy any hemp products in your state. 

HHC Gummy Details:

  • Gummy HHC Content: 100mg
  • Whole package HHC content: 100mg (10 pack) & 2000mg (20 pack)
  • Flavor Profile: Mixed Fruit
  • Effects: Maximum euphoria, boosting, Chill