DXHALE is passionate about providing hemp-lovers nationwide with premium, high-quality, and lab tested Delta-10 products. There is a lot to learn about DXHALE and how we became D-10 leader - so check back soon to learn more!


DXHALE's leaders have been in the CBD business since its early days. After seeing sweeping success in manufacturing premium CBD and Delta-8 products, they foresaw that Delta-10 THC would quickly become the new must-have item for CBD consumers. Pooling the resources and knowledge from previous projects, along with their unmatched experience with the ever changing CBD business, DXHALE was born.

Delta-10 THC provides users with a "super sativa" experience - and DXHALE takes that experience to the next level. Super sativa D10 is best enjoyed from vape cartridges and disposables- and DXHALE wants to give YOU the best. We here at DXHALE believe above all in high-end ingredients and hardware, meaning that we will never compromise on quality.

DXHALE is a Delta-10 THC line that only uses the highest quality premium Delta-10 distillate and terpenes in our vape cartridges and disposables. Want to learn more about how to buy 'super sativa' Delta-10 THC? Check out the links below:

Is Delta-10 Legal In the USA?

What Is Delta-10?


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