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Here comes DXHALE’s most delectable cartridge yet. The HHC-O cartridge with Biscotti terpenes will remind you of your favorite dessert cookie, with sweet, frosting-like undertones that will leave your mouth watering. We’ve combined these tasty Biscotti terpenes with our high-quality HHC-O extract to create a cartridge quite like nothing you’ve tried yet. 

These 1 mL cartridges contain top-shelf HHC-O compounds that deliver potent, fast-acting effects. The carts themselves provide smooth, full hits that you’ll enjoy puffing on whenever you want a dose of HHC-O. 

Why HHC-O?

Here at DXHALE, we love using HHC-O because it is stronger than HHC and still follows all federal guidelines. This up-and-coming compound is wonderful for helping you relax, boost your mood, and feel like the best version of yourself. Plus, with our disposable vape cartridge, getting your dose has never been so effortless. 

DXHALE’s HHC-o products come from hemp-derived CBD and do not contain more than 0.3% THC. This means that they comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and are allowed in all 50 states. Thus, you can purchase your Biscotti HHC-O cartridge completely worry-free. 

HHC-O Effects

HHC-O affects everybody differently. In general, many people find that HHC-O is wonderful for providing supportive full-bodied effects both physically and mentally. The Biscotti strain is an indica-dominant strain, making this cartridge ideal for consuming at the end of the day. (Or, maybe when you have nothing on the to-do list.) 

Keep in mind that in higher doses, HHC-O does produce effects similar to THC. Thus, you should not drive or operate machinery after consuming this product. Those who are pregnant or nursing should also avoid HHC-O.  

How to Use

To use our Biscotti HHC-O cartridge, all you’ll need is a standard 510-thread battery. You will screw the cartridge onto the battery until it’s tight, but still allows airflow. Then, you’ll simply inhale and let the effects of the Biscotti terpenes and the HHC-O compound take over.