HHC-O Disposable - FLVR - Tropicana Cookies

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HHC-O Disposable - Tropicana Cookies

With DXHALE’s latest disposable cartridge, you’ll get potent, citrusy hits of HHCO in every puff. Our HHCO disposable vape contains high-quality HHCO extract combined with genuine Tropicana Cookies terpenes to create a deliciously strong vape experience. 

The Tropicana Cookies strain is a sativa known for producing energizing, uplifting effects alongside its delicious flavor profile. These terpenes will leave citrus notes in your mouth with a hint of your favorite dessert: cookies. Because of the stimulating properties, this HHC-O disposable vape is likely best for morning and daytime consumption. 

Why HHC-O?

Here at DXHALE, we love using HHC-O because it is stronger than HHC and still follows all federal guidelines. This up-and-coming compound is wonderful for helping you relax, boost your mood, and feel like the best version of yourself. Plus, with our disposable vape cartridge, getting your dose has never been so effortless. 

DXHALE’s HHC-o products come from hemp-derived CBD and do not contain more than 0.3% THC. This means that they comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and are allowed in all 50 states. Thus, you can purchase your Tropicana Cookies HHC-O cartridge completely worry-free. 

HHC-O Effects

The effects of your Tropicana Cookies HHC-O cartridge will vary. In low doses, most consumers experience gentle, supportive effects like pain and stress relief. In higher doses, you may experience more euphoric, THC-like effects. Thus, you do not want to consume high doses of HHC-O and then drive or operate machinery. You also should not consume HHC-O if you’re pregnant or nursing. 

How to Use

Using our HHC-O cartridges is simple. This disposable cartridge comes with a battery already, so there is no assembly required. You’ll simply turn on the vape and start inhaling. 

Make sure to wait a few minutes in between hits to give the battery a chance to cool down and provide you the best puff possible. Once you've finished your disposable cartridge, it’s time to toss it and purchase a new one.