What is HHC-O Acetate?

HHC-O cannabinoid is a newer hemp-derived cannabinoid that might have recently been appearing on the shelves of your favorite pot shops. Let’s talk about this new addition to the cannabis family. 


In 2018, the Farm Bill was signed into law after years of research on what more the cannabis sativa plant is capable of. The cannabis sativa plant is filled with cannabinoids, which are compounds that are extracted, isolated and enjoyed for the unique properties they each contain. Over time, there have been more options than your standard THC products added to the mix. Delta-8, Delta-10, and HHC products have been the hot topic for a while now, as people become curious about how each cannabinoid, or hemp-derivative, differs from one another. But with this influx of cannabinoids also comes the rise of synthetic processes. There are various ways to recreate these cannabinoids in a lab versus gathering what is purely produced by the hemp plant.


HHC-O Acetate has been added to the conversation and immediately caught the attention of hemp lovers due to it sharing name similarities with HHC, also known as hexahydrocannabinol. HHC was originally made by taking Tetrahydrocannabinol, (THC) through a process called hydrogenation in the 1940s. Over time, hemp manufacturers have accomplished the task of making HHC with CBD to remain legally aligned with the 2018 Farm Bill. From what we currently know about HHC-O, it shares a similar chemical make up with HHC, which has been deemed one of the most potent cannabinoids out there. HHC-O is essentially HHC with a slightly different structure. This is due to the addition of ‘acetic anhydride’, a colorless liquid with a characteristic sharp odor often compared to vinegar. Acetic anhydride is used in making plastics, dyes, perfumes, aspirin and substances like HHC-O. Acetic anhydride gives HHC-O that additional vowel attached to the name, helping to distinguish it from HHC. HHC is described as significantly weaker in effects than HHC-O. HHC-O acetate metabolizes in the body in a similar way as Delta-9, and also produces similar effects. There are currently no long-term conclusive studies on the effects of HHC-O. 


Based on user experiences, the HHC-O cannabinoid can make you feel:

  • A substantial buzz

  • Feelings of happiness 

  • Increased relaxation

  • Intense Experience

  • Relieving effects

  • Stimulated mental and physical experiences

These are just a small number of potential effects that can be anticipated with the HHC-O, but these effects are not guaranteed for everyone. HHC-O products might not be widely available just yet, since it is one the newer cannabinoids, but there are some places that already have HHC-O for sale. 


Our Top Quality HHCo Products 

HHC-O cannabinoid may be new to the list of synthetic cannabinoids, but there are some hemp shops that sell it and even some reputable options for purchasing HHC-O online. HHC-O can be enjoyed through common products, such as various vaping products. Consuming a compound like HHC-O by vaporization is among the most effective methods of consumption. HHC-O enters the bloodstream at a much faster rate as a vapor than some other methods. So, the effects can be felt much quicker and even more intensely for some.

Vape lovers, rejoice! DXHALE has a varied batch of vaping products including six vape devices that will satisfy any vape lover. In the bunch are three HHC-O disposable vapes to offer a convenient, and deliciously potent vaping option and three vape cartridges.  Disposable vapes are those that come pre-filled with vape oil and ready for use! A vape cartridge, on the other hand, is a glass tube that may already be filled with vape oil but needs to be paired with a compatible battery to power on. 

Bring on the flavor! The FLVR disposables by DXHale are filled with potent HHC-O minus any cutting agents. These disposables include two ingredients and two ingredients only: HHC-O distillate and terpenes, for natural flavor. 

You can enjoy your HHC-O disposable in three different strains. If you are in the mood to sunbathe on a tropical island, you will love the HHC-O Sativa vape disposable strain Tropicana Cookies. This canna terpene favorite is energizing and uplifting with a sweet, tart earthy flavor. With this disposable, it is like you are taking your dream vacation with you everywhere you go. 

Next on the list is God's Gift, a disposable strain that will bless your taste buds. This Indica dominant HHC-O disposable fuses canna favorites OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple to create a dreamy, mouthwatering blend packed with hints of grape, citrus and earthy hash that is nothing less than divine. If you want to enjoy the relaxing and relieving properties of an indica disposable that also tastes delicious and has a bit of a kick, God’s Gift is made for you. 

The FLVR disposable is also available in the HHC-O hybrid strain, GG4, better known as Gorilla Glue. GG4 is a beast of a blend that fuses sweet, chocolatey notes with hints of lemony sourness. This stain is an ideal blend for a formidable high unlike any other. 

If you prefer refillable vape cartridges the FLVR Ignite trio is your best bet. Each of these 510 vape cartridges includes a 1mL cartridge filled with 950mg of HHC-O and a 50mg natural terpene blend. They offer three potent hybrids that will give you a flavorsome balance of Sativa and Indica effects. 

First, there is GMO— a loud strain with a mysterious taste that is tough to pinpoint. GMO blends the taste of canna classic Chemdawg with Girl Scout Cookies to create a blend with undertones of garlicky sweetness. This blend is funky, yet delicious!

You can also get your HHC-O in the sugary cookie and diesel terp blend, Biscotti named after your favorite cookie treat! This is an absolute must have if you want a HHC-O infused blend with a perfectly balanced taste. 

Last in the bunch is a vape cart is Do Si Dos,  inspired by the Girl Scout Cookie of the same name. This sweet hybrid is as smooth as the peanut butter sandwich cookie itself sprinkled with an exciting and uplifting pungent flavor. 

This batch of freshly baked vape cartridges, will deliver a perfectly potent and tasty HHC-O experience. 

Each of these HHC-O vape products are tested for safety and potency to ensure the best quality. These vapes are available for wholesale on DXHALE if you want to take your collection to the next level. Take your pick from the bunch and enjoy the intense effects of HHC-O today!

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There’s been some social buzz about Hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC for a while now. Hemp lovers are even more curious now that HHC-O has recently surfaced. There is a hard-to-ignore difference between the two based on their name alone, but how do they differ in terms of their main properties and effects?

 HHC can be made with THC or CBD following a process called ‘hydrogenation’, a common method used for turning foods like vegetable oil into margarine. HHC is known to produce more intense effects than Delta-8, for example, but it doesn’t quite exceed the effects of Delta-9 (THC). When consumed, HHC may bring intense feelings of relaxation and relief along with a mental and physical buzz.  

 HHC-O is a variant of HHC that differs in structure that has been described as nearly two times more vigorous. The ‘O’ added to the name refers to the addition of acetate, which increases the strength of the compound significantly.  Similar effects can be anticipated with HHC-O, but may be more intense, depending on the user. 


Ultimately, both of these compounds can get you high. It is also important to note that the effects of each will vary from person to person, so start with low doses and increase as desired.


HHC-O Acetate - Frequently Asked Questions:

Is HHC-O Acetate Legal? 

In most states, HHC-O acetate is legal for use and purchase. This is rather surprising since the HHC-O cannabinoid is said to closely mirror Delta-9 THC when it comes to the effects it produces when consumed. As long as the product contains no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), most states will allow it to be sold and purchased. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase HHC-O acetate products. Check your local laws to learn more about any regulations on HHC-O products in the state you live in. 

Is HHC-O Safe? 

HHC-O is relatively new to the market and there is currently no sufficient proof that HHC-O products are safe. There have been no reports on issues with these products but there are also no reports on potential long term effects of HHC-O use. From what we know, this synthetic cannabinoid may offer short term relief and a physical and mental high but should not be used as a long term solution for any types of conditions.When considering HHC-O products, always consult a medical professional. It is recommended to talk with someone who has an understanding of how these products could potentially affect you long-term. If you and your medical professional decide that HHC-O products are an ideal match for you, begin with the lowest dose possible with these products. In other words, use less of the product and closely monitor the effects. In the case of any adverse effects, discontinue using HHC-O products and follow up with your doctor. 

Is HHC-O detectable on a drug test? 

There has been some speculation on HHC products as it pertains to drug tests. It has been said that HHC products are tough to detect on a drug test, but what about HHC-O. HHC-O could potentially be detected on your upcoming drug test as well as any other cannabinoid for that matter. Despite there being no more than 0.3% THC added to these products, there is still a chance that they might show on a drug test. 

Whether or not a compound like HHC-O is detectable on a drug test also depends on the body weight and dosage of the individual taking the test. The simplest solution is to avoid these products until your test has been completed. If you have already consumed HHC-O, it is best to refrain from using these products for the best results. 

Is HHC-O Stronger than HHC? 

HHC-O Cannabinoid is described as about two times stronger than Hexahydrocannabibol, or HHC. HHC-O gets its potency from added acetate, which is essentially added to HHC to intensify its effects. HHC-O is described as more identical to THC, than HHC. HHC-O is said to produce similar effects like intense mental and bodily experiences and increased feelings of joy and relaxation. It is currently not entirely clear whether or not HHC-O can produce psychotropic effects. Among these sorts of effects are severely altered perceptive states like hallucinations and delusions, and increased anxiety. HHC-O may produce psychotropic effects in some users. This depends on how much of it is consumed and how susceptible the user is to the effects. HHC-O products are not guaranteed to have the same effects on everyone. But it has been described as notably more potent than HHC.  

What does HHC O do?

The effects and potency of HHC-O will vary from person to person. This synthetic cannabinoid contains properties that give it THC-like effects though these products should never contain more than 0.3%. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound found abundantly in the cannabis plant, which gives it the potent effects that most people enjoy. HHC-O binds similarly to the receptors the way THC does, so it may produce an intense high that some find enjoyable. 

Is HHC-O a Psychoactive Cannabinoid? 

The term psychoactive refers to a drug that affects the mind, or mental state. HHC-O products mimic THC in strength, so it is reasonable to expect similar effects when it is consumed. HHC-O brings mind-bending effects that are enjoyable for some. Although HHC-O contains properties that give it psychoactive effects, it is not a naturally occurring cannabinoid. This is a compound that is created in the lab that also produces psychoactive-like effects. It metabolizes in the same way but it remains a compound that is not found naturally in the hemp plant. 

Can I Buy HHC-O Products in Bulk with DXHale? 

DXHale has top quality HHC-O products in bulk for purchase. They offer a variety of lab tested products like vape cartridges and disposables with clean and effective ingredients. It is time to add some variety to your hemp collection! Save on a trip to the  dispensary and place your HHC-O bulk order online with DXHale today!

Does HHC-O get me high? 

Consuming HHC-O may get most people high. These products can potentially produce effects like altered perceptions accompanied by mental and bodily stimulation and increased feelings of relaxation. An HHC-O high will differ from other cannabinoids, though. Although all derived from the hemp plant, all cannabinoids and variants have different chemical structures and require different production processes. So, no matter if you are a long term cannabis user or just dipping your toes into the world of hemp, your initial HHC-O consumption should be kept to a minimum.