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HHC DISPOSABLE - 1mL - Strawberry Sky

Sweet and woody strawberry aromas abound in our Strawberry Sky HHC Disposable. This hybrid sativa hexahydrocannabinol will give you an inspired, focused feeling. Get to work on a creative project with this one!

Enjoy the crazy potent and energizing effects of our excellent HHC Disposable Vape. Due to the lifting sensations HHC offers compared to other psychoactive hemp alternatives, you'll enjoy using this product for daytime usage and night time as well.

HHC Disposable with No Added Cutting Agent

We make our DXHALE HHC with only two ingredients: Distillate and Terpenes, and nothing else. Though HHC is a compound found naturally in trace amounts in cannabis plants, DXHALE HHC is derived from Hemp, and we never use any additives. You can rest assured you're inhaling only the best products available on the market!

Always Lab Tested HHC

We test our HHC using an independent 3rd party laboratory. That's because we only sell the safest and most transparent products on the market. You can check the Certificate of Analysis anytime to be personally sure of the safety of our products for yourself.

Is HHC Legal?:

HHC is found in cannabis, but ours is derived 100% from hemp. In addition, all DXHALE products contain less than .3% Delta-9 THC, which makes them legal under federal law due to the 2018 Farm Bill. That being said, some state laws prohibit HHC, and other laws may vary from the farm bill. As always, you should read your own state laws before purchasing any hemp products.

HHC Strawberry Sky Product Details:

  • Terpene Strain: Strawberry Sky (Sativa)
  • Size of Disposable: 1mL
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet and Woody
  • Effects: Lifted, Inspired, and Focused
  • Disposable Type: Fler Disposable