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HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is another hemp derived product similar to THC. In fact, scientists first produced HHC by modifying the structure of THC. They did so by adding a hydrogen molecule to delta-9 THC, in a process called hydrogenation. These days, we produce HHC from hemp in order to comply with the 2018 farm bill. Unlike THCO, Delta0-8 THC, and Delta-10 THC, HHC is not a THC variant. Therefore, it may offer a bit more freedom in states that have banned different types of THC products. 

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What is HHC? 

If you’re reading this because you’ve been hearing all the hype about HHC, we’re here to answer some questions you might have. Hexahydrocannabinol, also known as HHC, is a lesser-known cousin of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Although HHC was discovered in the 1940s, HHC is new to most hemp lovers as the cannabis market has been releasing a diverse and comprehensive range of cannabinoid products that are peaking customers’ interest, following the legalization of Delta-8 THC. Just like Delta-8 THC, HHC cannabinoid is produced from cannabidiol, or CBD, a compound found abundantly in hemp plants. Despite being closely related to THC, the HHC products in the market today don’t actually contain THC, which means HHC cannabinoid has a bit of a legal advantage over Delta-8 and Delta-9. A variety of HHC products are available including vapes, gummies, oil, and flower and pre rolls, which are made with CBD flower coated with HHC distillate. The products come in a variety of strains and flavors, just like the other popular cannabinoids in the market. As we’re able to enjoy this recently rediscovered hemp gem, you might be eager to find all the right reasons to buy hexahydrocannabinol.  

Potential Benefits of HHC Cannabinoid 

As we know, the cannabis plant is pretty generous when it comes to benefits. Many of us want to know if HHC also delivers that same wellness wow factor. HHC is a hemp-derived compound, so there are some potential benefits we can expect from this cannabinoid. However, research remains in the beginning stages with HHC, so there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. Let’s examine what we know HHC has to offer and why you might want to buy HHC cannabinoid products.

HHC helps with anxiety 

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions. Today, awareness of anxiety seems to be on the rise, as more health-focused brands help bring wellness to the forefront. Anxiety is generally described as excessive worry, obsessive thoughts, overthinking, or extreme nervousness that interferes with daily life. Cannabis products are known to potentially help decrease symptoms of anxiety, depending on how they are regulated by the user. HHC can potentially help lower anxiety too! This cannabinoid is made using CBD, a chemical compound well-known for its ability to alleviate pain and reduce symptoms of anxiety. A lot of these same properties carry over to HHC. HHC products like tinctures and gummies are great ways to nip anxiety in the bud. 

HHC can increase your appetite 

If you’re familiar with cannabis, then you’ll know that it tends to make you super hungry after a while. You can expect the same with HHC cannabinoid. HHC communicates with the part of the brain associated with eating. So, consuming HHC essentially signals your brain to eat food. A benefit of this is that it allows you to absorb nutrients more effectively. If you’re considering HHC cannabinoid, be sure to stock up on some nutritional snacks and foods for when you get the munchies. 

HHC promotes deep relaxation

Just like the anti-anxiety effects of HHC, this cannabinoid also promotes relaxation. With HHC, you might find yourself feeling a lot more calm and able to relax. This certainly supports anxiety, and even stress. HHC cannabinoid binds to the part of the brain associated with our mood. So, there’s potential for feeling cool, calm, and collected with HHC.

HHC produces a unique high

It’s not as chill as Delta-8 THC and it’s not as intense as Delta-9 THC – so what kind of high do you actually get with HHC? This cannabinoid offers a unique high that sits somewhere between popular cannabinoid Delta-8 THC and leading cannabis compound THC. In your body, HHC metabolizes similarly to delta 9 THC. An HHC cannabinoid high will vary from product to product. Generally speaking, HHC offers a stimulating buzz that could potentially be uplifting and cause feelings of euphoria and alertness. HHC cannabinoid might cause mild psychotropic effects, similar to THC, so dose low with this cannabinoid.

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The pack of mixed fruit flavored HHC gummies at Dxhale includes 10 gummies per pack with 25mg HHC per gummy. Dxhale gummies offer a pretty simple way to enjoy HHC! Just pop open the package, pop a gummy in your mouth, and witness the uplifting effects of HHC. These HHC gummies are potent and delicious, and they can also be purchased in a variety of sizes. So if you’re looking for a great HHC wholesale deal to uplevel your collection, these gummies are a great fit. 

Besides HHC gummies, Dxhale also has some must-try HHC disposable vapes. Vaping is known as the most effective method for HHC intake – so you’re going to need these disposable products in your stash. You can find a variety of strains and flavors of the disposable vape available, including sativa strains that produce uplifting head highs typically best for day time use. With flavors like Strawberry Sky and Honeysuckle Hibiscus, these sativa disposables will add some character to your HHC collection. If you’re more of the indica type, you’ll love the Watermelon Lush and Sunset Sherbet disposables they have available. These tasty vapes offer some soothing effects that will help you up your chill. 

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Our Best HHC Products 

How you decide to get your HHC is pretty important. One of the most popular methods for enjoying HHC is through HHC gummies. Gummies are edibles infused with HHC concentrate. Gummies are typically made using a gelatin base along with a terpene blend and some type of sweetener, like cane sugar. Gummies are one of the more unique methods for ingesting HHC as they closely resemble candy. This ups the appeal to this particular method as they are relatively easy to consume and they don’t require any additional tools or know-how. One important thing that you should know when considering gummies is the dose of HHC they contain. It's important to know how much HHC is included in the package as well as in each individual gummy.

With all of the HHC for sale in the market, you want to make sure you get your hands on the best products. Dxhale offers HHC-infused gummies on their website. These gummies are available in a mixed fruit flavor and are also available for wholesale. 10 Dxhale gummies are included in each pack – each infused with 25 mg of HHC which makes for a total of 250mg per pack. These assorted candies should be taken with precaution as HHC gummies are among the most effective and potent methods of ingestion.

Another highly preferred way to enjoy HHC is with vapes. Vaping is incredibly popular as a recreational substance intake method that people enjoy in social settings and as daily supplemental tools. Dxhale offers disposable vapes– electronic devices designed for a quick, easy and convenient way to enjoy compounds via inhalation. Disposable vapes are convenient because they don’t require a recharge. These devices are typically designed for single use purposes so once your vape cart is empty, you can dispose of it. They also offer HHC bulk cartridges which are designed to be refilled once the vape oil has been emptied. This offers users a customizable vaping experience, plus these devices are available in many delicious flavors and strains designed to cater to different pallets. Each of the disposable carts at Dxhale include 1 g of vape oil and they offer a mixed variety of sativa and indica strains. If you want to bypass searching for the best HHC cannabinoid for sale, check out Dxhale. 


HHC - Frequently Asked Questions


How is HHC produced? 

HHC is a naturally occurring phytocannabinoid minimally found in the cannabis sativa plant. HHC can also be produced synthetically through the hydrogenation of cannabis extracts, CBD or THC.

How safe is HHC to consume? 

HHC is a compound derived from hemp, which we know to be relatively safe to use. Since HHC has continued to grow in popularity, there have not been any reported issues regarding it. However, this does not mean HHC is totally in the clear as far as safety goes. HHC products should be used responsibly! Closely follow the usage instructions on the packaging for the products that you purchase. When starting out with HHC cannabinoid, start out with the lowest dose possible and closely monitor the effects. Dosing low is recommended no matter what your experience is with other cannabis products. You can always increase your dose if needed. Additionally, don’t settle for the first HHC cannabinoid brand you find online. Thoroughly research the brand and product to learn what ingredients are used and decipher whether they are safe for personal use.

What is the legal status of HHC in the United States? 

If you’re looking to buy HHC cannabinoid products, you’re probably wondering if these products are actually legal. HHC is federally legal in the US, since it is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that is Farm Bill compliant. At this time, there are no state level laws that make HHC illegal, however, some states might have regulations regarding HHC products. So, double check your local state laws to learn if there are currently any regulations that might affect your ability to buy hexahydrocannabinol where you live.  

What is the difference between HHC and Delta 9 THC? 

One of the top questions about HHC cannabinoid is regarding how it compares to Delta-9 THC. As you may know, Delta 9 THC is the main active compound found in marijuana, which means it is pretty top-notch in terms of potency. HHC can be made by converting THC, as this is how this compound was originally created back in 1944 through a process called hydrogenation. However, to avoid issues regarding legality, hemp brands typically use CBD to create HHC products. These products are converted from CBD to THC and then hydrogenated to create HHC. Hence, the main difference is essentially their chemical structures. HHC and Delta-9 THC share similar structures but differ in that Delta-9 has a double bond in a place where HHC has a hydrogen bond. They also differ in terms of their potency levels. Delta-9 THC is significantly more potent than HHC. Though HHC cannabinoid closely follows behind delivering a high that is said to mimic but not fully match Delta-9 THC.

Is HHC synthetic? 

You might be wondering if HHC is a natural or synthetic product. Technically speaking, HHC is both naturally produced and synthetically made. HHC is considered a synthetic compound since a lot of the HHC in the market is technically made through a set of conversion processes involving CBD. In addition to this, HHC is also produced naturally in the cannabis plant although in small amounts. 

Is HHC detectable in a drug test? 

HHC is a bit controversial when it comes to drug tests. It has been said that HHC cannabinoid products are not detectable on drug tests. There is no sufficient evidence for this claim. The idea behind this notion is that HHC cannabinoid products are not made using THC as some of these products are made through a conversion process involving CBD, so many believe that HHC is not detectable on a drug test. Despite this hearsay, we advise against using this product if you know that you have a drug test around the corner as it is still technically a cannabis-derived product.

Can you get high from HHC? 

HHC cannabinoid metabolizes in the body the same way Delta-9 THC does. So, in other words, it is possible to get high with these products. This may produce different effects in different people however – just as THC does, so keep this in mind. HHC cannabinoid products are said to be potent, giving cannabis users one of the most THC-like experiences of all the cannabinoids that have entered the market. With that being said, we know that Delta-9 THC is directly linked to psychotropic effects like altered visual and auditory perceptions, anxiety and scattered thoughts. Since HHC cannabinoid is close in proximity to the same effects as Delta-9, it’s best to work your way up in potency with these products to avoid any jarring effects. 

Is HHC Products allowed to take it on a plane? 

In case you have to catch a plane soon, you might be wondering if you can bring your HHC products with you… HHC products can be taken with you on planes due to the absence of THC. More formally known as tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the compound that makes cannabis products illegal in some states, so products that contain THC will not be permitted on planes. If you’re concerned about bringing your HHC cannabinoid products on the plane with you, we advise checking with the airline you’re using to learn about any items that are not permitted on the plane. 

How does HHC make you feel? 

Different compounds will make different people feel differently. And as silly as that sounds, it couldn’t be more true with HHC. We know that HHC can be created through two different processes and this may impact the overall potency levels of the products. It’s been said that when HHC is made through the hydrogenation method using THC, there are two separate molecules as an end result. These two molecules differ slightly in that one binds to receptors in the body a bit better than the other. In other words, one of the molecules is more harmoniously absorbed into our bodies, while the other is not. Because of this, some people find HHC to be a little controversial when it comes to projecting the effects it will have. If you get your hands on a good balanced batch of HHC, you can expect to feel stimulated, relaxed and joyful – similar to Delta 8 THC. However, HHC can be a bit intense to others. Essentially, it depends on what method of consumption you choose and your overall tolerance level. This doesn’t mean that if you smoke weed every day, you should opt for the highest dosage of HHC you can find. It’s best to introduce the cannabinoid into your system smoothly to avoid any adverse effects and get a better understanding on how your body reacts to and processes it. 

Where does HHC come from? 

Just like cannabinoid Delta-8, there's more than one way to get HHC. The original method for creating HHC was discovered in 1944 by a chemist named Roger Adams. Adams added hydrogen molecules to THC and produced a new compound called hexahydrocannabinol. 

 Since then, it’s been discovered that HHC can also be made with cannabidiol, better known as CBD. This starts by extracting CBD from hemp plants and distilling it to create an isolate. Then, this isolate goes through a process called isomerization, which converts CBD to Delta-9 THC by altering the structure of the chemical molecules. Following this, a process called hydrogenation is used to add hydrogen molecules to THC, further shifting the chemical to create what is known as the HHC cannabinoid. 

Is there an age limit for purchasing HHC products? 

There are age limits for purchasing HHC cannabinoid products. Farm Bill compliant HHC products are available for purchase at some dispensaries and online hemp shops. To purchase HHC products, you must be at least 21 years old. 

What is the difference between HHC and CBD? 

Let’s talk about the difference between HHC and CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid first discovered in the 1940s. Over the years, we’ve come to know CBD as one of the abundant compounds found in the cannabis plant. What’s unique about CBD, though, is that it doesn’t contain THC, or at least really low amounts of it. Because of this, CBD products are not typically associated with any type of high. Often used in medical treatments, CBD binds with the receptors in the body that help influence the way we process pain. CBD can also help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress as well as support the reduction of inflammation.

CBD is often used in various conversion processes to make other compounds. One example is HHC. HHC is short for hexahydrocannabinol, also discovered in the1940s. This cannabinoid is produced in very very small amounts in the cannabis plant which has led to many hemp makers to create a synthesized version of it. CBD and THC are typically used to create HHC. Unlike CBD, HHC shares similar effects as THC. So, in other words, HHC has the potential to make you high, while CBD does not.