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What is a COA?

Since hemp products are not regulated by the FDA, labels can be inconsistent or even misleading. The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a vital piece of documentation when buying Delta-10 THC and other cannabinoids. Looking at a Certificate of Analysis gives you similar information that you might otherwise find on the label of an FDA approved product. COA's show you the lab tested content of the distillate you are considering buying so that you can personally ensure the quality and safety of the hemp distillate, and they are the main source of safety and content information about the cannabis or hemp product you plan to consume. In addition to THC and cannabinoids, the certificate shows any other content found in the distillate such as heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and even bacteria and mold, so that you can be absolutely sure of the content you will be consuming. Certificates of Analysis help you as the consumer verify the quality and safety of a product before you purchase. DXHALE always posts the most recent Certificate of Analysis on the distillate of our productsright here on our website.